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Sheffield “Micropolis” Public Build Competition

For the first time ever, we’re holding a public build competition, and you can bring YOUR OWN CREATIONS along to the show to display alongside our master builders’ models. What’s more, we’ll be picking our TOP 3 favourite models to win a fab LEGO set each.

The challenge is simple. We want you to help us expand our micro-scale city with one of your own 16×16 stud Micropolis Modules. Starting with a 16×16 base, built to the “Micropolis Standard“, we want you to come up with your very own city building, park, construction site… The list goes on.

“Micropolis” Base Standard

Download the module file

To help you get started, there is a downloadable file for the free LEGO Digital Designer software, created by the American LUG, TwinLUG which will show you how to build it, and you can design your module in the programme before building it for real.

Micropolis Module Base (LXF) – File Size: 8.44 KB

You can have a look at the Flickr Micropolis Group for more inspiration on what you can build, and with the exception of the base dimensions, you are free to use your imagination!

How to enter:

Simply bring your completed model along with you to the show, take it to the “Micropolis” table and complete an entry form. We’ll take some photos, and you can collect your model before you leave.

The Rules:

  1. Only one competition entry per person (you can bring more modules, but only your nominated one will be judged).
  2. Entrants must be over the age of 16 or accompanied by an adult.
  3. This competition is only open to the public, a separate competition will be held for exhibitors who wish to enter.
  4. The model must be contained inside your module, with no overhang.
  5. The base must be built to the “Micropolis standard” dimensions.
  6. The minimum base size accepted will be 16 studs by 16 studs.
  7. The maximum base size of your entry must be no more than 32 studs by 32 studs.
  8. There is no maximum height, but the model must be able to stand freely without additional support.
  9. Entries must be a standard, or waterfront module. Bluff modules will not be eligible.
  10. The model will need to be attached to the city layout for a minimum of 30mins  for photographing.
  11. All models must be collected before the event closes at 5pm.
  12. The winners will be announced within 14 days of the close of the event.
  13. The judges’ decision is final.
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