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YBS a huge success!!!

The first annual Yorkshire Brick Show has been and gone, and what a show it was. You may have read in some of the local press (Huddersfield Examiner) that we caused a little bit of chaos at the National Coal Mining Museum. When we first booked this show, we were worried that we wouldn’t get the crowds, but we ended up with 6,600 people attending over the weekend.

A huge thank you to everyone that came and made the event such a massive success, and we really do appreciate the patience each and every person that attended and queued for up to 3 hours showed us and the museum staff. We did get some negative feedback on Facebook and Twitter, and we will take what we have learned this year, and make next year even better.

So popular was the event, that the museum had to turn away hundreds of people, as they were unable to accommodate everyone. We are sorry to everyone that couldn’t attend, but it did have a positive affect on local tourism, as other places in Yorkshire saw a boost in attendance from people who couldn’t get into the exhibition.

A busy event hallWe had loads of fantastic models, and the exhibitors spent two days talking to kids, parents and AFOLs alike about their models, and how to get inspiration to build their own MOCs. We had members from three LUGs in attendance; Northern BrickworksThe Brickish Association and Brickshire: The Yorkshire LUG, in what was the largest exhibition of LEGO models that Yorkshire has ever seen. We even had some amazing models from two TFOLs, Jack and Sam, who did a fantastic job dealing with the public.

The Huddersfield based charity, Fairy Bricks, were also in attendance doing a live build of Tower Bridge over the weekend, and raising money so that they could send LEGO sets to local hospitals’ childrens wards. They were able to raise over £1,100 over  the course of the weekend, which is a fantastic boost for them.

Spot the minifigureOver the weekend, we ran a “Spot the Minifigure” competition, whereby visitors had to find nine super-heroes, and the letters that they were holding. They then had to solve the anagram in order to be in with a chance of winning a LEGO or DUPLO set. I can now exclusively reveal that the winning words were:

  • Saturday: MINE SHAFT
  • Sunday: COAL MINER

And the lucky winners of the sets were:

Duplo Panda

  • Katherine Davies
  • Alys (no surname provided)
  • Anya (no surname provided)
  • Elli Querns
  • Daniel Hurdley

Castle Ambush

  • Joshua (no surname provided)
  • Archie (no surname provided)
  • Will Milner

Friends Beach Buggy

  • Bella (no surname provided)
  • Lily Waters
  • Charlotte (no surname provided)

Creator Eagle

  • Mason (no surname provided)

Congratulations to them all, we’ve been in touch and will be posting out your prizes soon!

In addition to that, we also held a competition for our builders to make things a little more exciting for them. There were five categories, and each of the winners received a LEGO prize, and a commemorative LEGO brick to immortalise their win.

The five categories and their winners were:

Thanks again to everyone who came, all of the exhibitors, the vendors and the museum staff. You all made the weekend a huge success. I’ll wrap up now, and point you all in the direction of this lovely gallery of images, and hopefully we’ll see you again this time next year!

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